Hi, I'm Brian.

Resident of West Palm Beach for 21 years as a transplant from Atlanta.

Professional photographer with a background in marketing within various industries.

Started: my first business (cutting grass around the neighborhood) and my charitable giving (giving lunch money to a couple of the local homeless people near my neighborhood) at the age of 10.

Since then: Landscape Company, Commodities Broker, Yacht Broker, Currency Trader, Real Estate Consultant for banks and hedge funds, Architectural and Aerial Photographer, occasional Mall Mime.

Founded Charity West Palm in 2004 to help smaller local PBC charitable organizations doing great work on small budgets get more exposure to their efforts and access to more deserved funding. Have raised over $100,000 net so far through our various events and efforts.

Now: Still a professional photographer, and now a publisher of what will hopefully be perceived as great ‘rags’.