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florida art magazine

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Art, culture, design & charity

Our premiere issue takes readers on a journey into the art, culture, design and charity of West Palm Beach. Escape into a world of fascinating local stories and informative pieces from unique people. The rich content is accented by stunning photography and high-impact design. We guarantee you won’t be able to stop flipping through the pages, even long after you’ve read it!


florida art magazine

2021 Media kit

Take a look at our mission statement, distribution channels and information on advertising.

Meet the team

Brian "Harooki" Lee

Principal and Creator

Emily Taylor

Creative Director

About us

Atlas Magazine and its concepts to follow were born out of frustration for the lack of interesting ‘rags’ that dive deep into what local businesses, people and organizations have to offer. We felt a profound need to highlight these hometown heroes and their contributions to what make West Palm Beach such a fantastic city.

To us, most of what is out there in the form of print media is rather cookie-cutter and lacks real heart. We’re here to change that. Our goal is to bring this dynamic new medium to other SE Florida cities, and even specific industries.

We are dedicated to helping these amazing local entities (including our advertisers) through thoughtful exposure and the long shelf life of the magazine. We want to help them all find fortune and success, whatever that may mean to them.

We also welcome readers for their feedback on what we cover and present as well as ideas on what they would like to see in upcoming issues (even if it is themselves).

Send us an email at mindful@atlasmediafl.com with such brilliant suggestions!

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